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RSS Submit Software – Submit Your RSS Feeds For More Traffic!

If you remember nothing else today, remember this: more links and more exposure means more traffic to your website – ultimately improving your site’s ranking. There is no question that RSS feeds and blogs are extremely popular and both are proving themselves to be an absolute necessity in drawing visitors to your site – and […]

Video Surveillance Laws By State – Hidden Video Surveillance

Do you know the law in your state when it comes to video surveillance? According to ESLI Surveillance, 13 of the United States prohibit the unauthorized use of recording cameras in private places. In Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Utah, installing and using a camera […]

Home Greenhouses, Greenhouse Kits & Greenhouse Plans By ACF Greenhouses

When I was a kid my grandfather grew strawberries in a greenhouse in the back of his yard. I thought it was the coolest thing; almost fort-like. As a young adult I shared a house with some “earthy” types and we had our own little portable greenhouse in the yard. Now that I’ve gotten my […]

Dynamic Drive – Tons Of Free DHTM Scripts & Free Javascripts

So you want to enhance your web site with Javascripts and original DHTML but you’re not sure where to go. Have you checked out Dynamic Drive? It’s the tops when it comes to finding and using free original DHTML and Javascript. DHTML – otherwise known as Dynamic HTML – is a new way to make […]

Open Source Web Design – Your Source For Open Source Web Templates!

I don’t know about you, but when I hit the internet looking for a free web design template, I get so frustrated I could pull my hair out. There are just so many sites to look at, and half the time it seems like they all have the same designs. But that was before my […]

TechShop In Menlo Park California – Your Own Machine Shop!

Imagine a place where your artistic inventions come to life by your own hand; where members have access to tools and equipment, instruction and support from like-minded art creators. Covering 15,000 square feet located at 120 Independence Dr in Menlo Park, CA, TechShop is the perfect workshop for artists, inventors, “makers”, or simply those who […]

Zen Cart Store Security – How To Secure Your ZenCart Store

Zen Cart is a free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software program designed and developed by consultants, designers, programmers, and shop owners who all believe e-commerce web designs need to be revamped. Zen Cart put the merchants and shoppers needs first and can be installed by anyone with the even the most basic level of […]

Bandit Signs – Cheap Signs Plastic Signs For Advertising

Most often referred to as lawn signs, road signs, street signs, or yard signs, Bandit Signs™ are custom made marketing signs that act like mini billboards – delivering your message to potential clients day and night, in a non-aggressive way. Real Estate marketing signs created by are custom designs of high professional quality; there’s […]

Report Invalid AdSense Ad Clicks – Google Adsense Click Fraud

Think you’ve got folks putting through invalid clicks on your AdSense ads? Well listen up, because you do have recourse. Simply take a minute to fill out Google’s Invalid Clicks Contact Form and report those pesky invalid clickers! 1. Enter your contact information 2. Provide answers and information to a few quick security questions like […]

Vacation Rental Property Tax Questions And Answers – IRS Government Publication 527

IRS Government Publication 527 Residential Rental Property – Including Rental of Vacation Homes For use in preparing your 2008 Vacation Rental Property tax returns Introductory Material What’s New Reminder Introduction Useful Items Rental Income and Expenses (If No Personal Use of Dwelling) Rental Income Rental Expenses Depreciation of Rental Property The Basics Claiming the Special […]

How To Go Solar With The Help Of Solar Sebastopol

Get your party started and GO SOLAR! 1. CONTACT Solar Sebastopol to obtain an information packet by calling (707) 823-1153, or visit their web site located at 2. SELECT one or more solar vendors and schedule site visits. Be sure to ask for proof of liability insurance and a contractor’s license. Also be sure […]

Bloggers’ Rights – Legal Guide for Bloggers

Hey all you Bloggers! Listen up! The Electronic Frontier Foundation has an informational page on the various Bloggers’ Rights that you really need to know. Read them. Know them. Live them. Here’s just a taste of the Bloggers’ Rights that you need to learn all about….. The basic goals of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) […] – Free Online Vehicle Repair Guides

Register for AutoZone’s FREE Repair Guides Online and you’ll receive unlimited access to thousands of pages of repair instructions. The online instruction guides are vehicle-specific and cover a large number of models from 1950 to 2007; all online AutoZone repair guides can be easily printed out for easy reference away from the computer. Registered users […]

Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site

The Exceptional Performance team at Yahoo! has identified 34 of the best practices for speeding up your web site. Here are six random ones in alphabetical order: Avoid CSS Expressions The problem with expressions is that they are evaluated more frequently than most people expect. Not only are they evaluated when the page is rendered […]

Flippa – Buy And Sell Websites And Domains

Created by a team from SitePoint (a fast growing online media company and information provider targeting the Web professional market, specifically Web Developers and Designers) Flippa has become the leading online marketplace for buying and selling websites. As a buyer at Flippa, you have the widest range of established web sites from which to choose, […]

Google Grants – Fress AdWords Advertising For Chariable Organizations

Google Grants is a unique in-kind donation program awarding free AdWords advertising to select charitable organizations. We support organizations sharing our philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy, and the arts. The Google Grants program empowers over 4,000 organizations […]