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AutoResponse Plus From Neil Morgan – Autoresponder Email Software

From developer Neil Morgan comes AutoResponse Plus, the amazing world-leading autoresponder program, with thousands of users worldwide and no monthly fees. Neil Morgan is afraid you could be losing thousands of dollars worth of business because your potential customer are leaving your site without buying. Try the AutoResponse Plus software RISK-FREE for 30 days. “Learn […]

Vacation Rental Nigerian Scams

According to the Better Business Bureau the “Nigeria Letter scam” has been around since the early 1990s, getting its start scamming businesses out of millions of dollars. The original targets of the Nigeria scams were churches, small businesses and non-profit organizations, but now the letters – and more recently emails – are being received by […]

How Do I Clean Up Or Verify My Email List?

So you’ve got a mailing list, and you’re sick of all the “return to sender’ emails that get bounced back to you when you send out your newsletters, but you don’t have the time or energy to verify each email address one by one? There actually is a solution, believe it or not. Advanced E-mail […]

How Do I Find Out If A Computer Virus Or Article Is A Hoax?

We all get them, those email forwards that warn us of all the latest and deadliest computer viruses; but how do you know which ones to believe and which ones to ignore? There are actually quite a few sites you can visit that deal with these pesky computer virus emails, chain letter scams, and the […]

How To Transfer AOL Email Stored In The PFC Personal Filing Cabinet

People often ask me how they can get all their saved emails and saved contacts out of the AOL file cabinet. It can be a bit hard sometimes because AOL uses what they call the PFC or, Personal Filing Cabinet. This PFC is in a propriety format that only AOL can access. How convenient. What […]

Where Can I Report Spam Emails Or Illegal Activity?

Check out these sites: Spam that is fraudulent – offering products that don’t work or don’t exist, pyramid schemes and so on – can be sent to the US Federal Trade Commission at Spam that promotes stocks can be sent to the US Securities and Exchange Commission at Spam containing or advertising child […]

Send Big File Attachments With YouSendIt.

So many things are getting smaller these days – cell phones, music devices, cars (my bank account). But some things are getting bigger – like file transfers and attachments sizes. What do you do when you’re like so many others and have an email service with attachment size limits? You sign up for a free […]

Why Can’t People Receive Emails I Send With Attachments?

The most common reason people are unable to receive your emails with attachments is size limits set by the ISP (internet service provider) First, check with your own ISP (i.e. AOL) for size limits on attachments. Then check with the ISP of the person to whom you are sending the attached file (i.e. Yahoo!). Some […]