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Search Marketing Expo * SMX * East – West – Advanced

There are a lot of factors that go into having a successful vacation rental business – one of the most important being proper search engine marketing. The best way to learn how to do it right is from the experts. The Search Marketing Expo – SMX – delivers all the search engine marketing trends and […]

Top 200 Local Search Terms For Vacation Rentals By Owner

Hey guys & gals… I wanted to try to come up with a comprehensive keyword idea list for you that focuses on vacation rentals in a specific city. The main focus of this post is the city name plus a house modifier like like a home, villa, chalet, beach, duplex, mobile home etc.  (eg. Twain […]

Keyword Research Ideas For Vacation Rentals

I think keyword research is the most important first step in building your online vacation rental business. This is where battles are won and lost… Choose the wrong keywords (ones with no traffic) or pick keywords too competitive & you will never rank for them. The first thing I like to do when choosing keywords […]