Dynamic Drive – Tons Of Free DHTM Scripts & Free Javascripts

So you want to enhance your web site with Javascripts and original DHTML but you’re not sure where to go.

Have you checked out Dynamic Drive?

It’s the tops when it comes to finding and using free original DHTML and Javascript.

DHTML – otherwise known as Dynamic HTML – is a new way to make the elements of your web page all the better.

Once upon a time things such as text and page styles were all unchangeable once your web page was loaded. But now, thanks to DHTML, all the unchangeable things are now changeable.

DHTML brings your web pages one step closer to how things look inside your television, where images appear and disappear, text flies in and out, and content move around freely inside the screen.

DHTML scripts can be written in a variety of languages, with JavaScript and VBscript being the most common. All the DHTML scripts from Dynamic Drive are written in JavaScript 1.2+.

Some of the DHTML scripts offered by Dynamic Drive include, but are not limited to:

…and more

Dynamic Drive’s recently updated scripts include:

10/06/2009 Ultimate Fade In Slideshow v2.1
Adds option to randomize display order of images, via the new option displaymode.randomize

09/29/2009 Step Carousel Viewer
Introduces two new much requested features:
1) Auto generated pagination images, and
2) Ability to modify contents of a Carousel on demand using Ajax.

08/10/2009 Drill Down Menu v1.6
Adds ability to specify explicit height for main menu, instead of defaulting to top UL’s natural height.

Have fun!


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