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Created by a team from SitePoint (a fast growing online media company and information provider targeting the Web professional market, specifically Web Developers and Designers) Flippa has become the leading online marketplace for buying and selling websites.

As a buyer at Flippa, you have the widest range of established web sites from which to choose, with comprehensive information about the business included – all aimed at helping you to make your decision with confidence.

When you’re a Flippa seller, you have access to a huge crowd of interested and informed buyers just waiting to bid on your site or domain name.

Buying a site or domain through Flippa:

*To buy a site or domain that is advertised for sale on Flippa, you must place a bid on that item.

*If your bid is accepted by the seller, if it meets the reserve price set by the seller, and if your bid has the highest dollar value of all accepted bids at the end of the auction, you are declared the winner and are legally bound to purchase that item from the seller at the price indicated by your winning bid.

Selling a site or domain through Flippa:

*Start by creating an auction by clicking the “Sell” tab on the site. You will be led through a series of pages prompting you to tell us a little about the site or domain that you wish to sell. This will include the minimum price at which you wish to start the bidding, the reserve price at which you are willing to sell, and optionally a “Buy It Now” price at which you are willing to end the auction immediately.

*At the end of this process, you will be prompted to pay the listing fee. Once you have done this, your auction will begin.

*As the seller, you must accept or reject each bid that is placed on your auction. Once you accept a bid, buyers will no longer be able to place bids less than or equal to that price. You have 72 hours in which to decide how to handle each bid you receive, after which Flippa will reject the bid for you automatically (unless it is a “Buy It Now” bid—these are handled differently).

*If you accept a bid greater than or equal to your reserve price, you are legally bound to sell the item to the winning bidder at the end of your auction.

Flippa buy sell websites

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