How To Go Solar With The Help Of Solar Sebastopol

Get your party started and GO SOLAR!

1. CONTACT Solar Sebastopol to obtain an information packet by calling (707) 823-1153, or visit their web site located at

2. SELECT one or more solar vendors and schedule site visits. Be sure to ask for proof of liability insurance and a contractor’s license. Also be sure they are displaying the Solar Sebastopol logo to be assured of our program’s reliability.

3. REVIEW and COMPLETE Solar Sebastopol’s energy conservation checklist. It is essential to evaluate any energy saving programs in your home or business before deciding on the size of your new system.

4. COMPLETE the site visits and receive solar installation proposals. You can ask one or more of our vendors to prepare a proposal for your system.

5. CHOOSE the best proposal and sign your purchase agreement. Make sure you feel comfortable with the experience and competence of the company you choose to work with. Don’t be afraid to ask for references.

6. PROVIDE info for the installer to initiate rebate and utility paperwork.

7. WATCH as your solar system is installed professionally. You’ll be surprised how quickly your electricity source is transformed to solar PV.

8. SEE your solar system through building code/quality inspections.

9. EVALUATE your system and service to ensure program accountability. Your installer should provide the Customer Evaluation Survey for you.

10. ENJOY watching your utility meter spin backwards and reap the benefits of lower electric bills!

Solar Sebastopol – How To Go Solar PDF

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