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When I was a kid my grandfather grew strawberries in a greenhouse in the back of his yard. I thought it was the coolest thing; almost fort-like.

As a young adult I shared a house with some “earthy” types and we had our own little portable greenhouse in the yard.

Now that I’ve gotten my own place, I’m thinking about getting a greenhouse of my own. But I have no real idea of where to start.

Thankfully there’s ACF Greenhouses*.

Their Greenhouse Buying Guide has all the information I need to help me choose the greenhouse that’s just right for me and my gardening needs.

Cross Country Greenhouses
These greenhouses are 2nd to none in quality & available options. 100’s of sizes, colors, & coverings!

Cross Country Lean-tos
100’s of sizes and options available to match your existing home, shed, garage, or other structure.

EasyGrow Greenhouses
Our best value in an all purpose greenhouse. Loaded with features like built-in shelving, hinged doors, & side & roof vents.

FlowerHouse Greenhouses
These portable greenhouses are simple and cost-effective solutions for temporary greenhouse needs.

Hobby Gardener Greenhouses
These attractive greenhouses offer a low-cost & more practical alternative to a similar glass greenhouse.

Juliana Greenhouses
Danish greenhouse line with one of the most recognized and respected names in the greenhouse industry.

Portable Greenhouse
A rugged portable greenhouse with a steel frame designed to handle weather other portables can’t.

Sunshine Greenhouses
This greenhouse is as attractive as it is functional and would make a nice accent to any backyard.

The Little Greenhouse
A great feature packed economical choice for season extending, frost protection, and overwintering.

*Aarons Creek Farms, Inc. (ACF for short) was established in 1964 by George Gordon III. Since then, [their] enclosed bedding plant and plug ranges have grown to over 300,000 sq. ft. In those 40 plus years of growing commercial plants and selling and constructing greenhouses, [they] have become experts on what types of conditions a greenhouse should provide to grow quality plants.



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