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Report Invalid AdSense Ad Clicks – Google Adsense Click Fraud

Think you’ve got folks putting through invalid clicks on your AdSense ads? Well listen up, because you do have recourse. Simply take a minute to fill out Google’s Invalid Clicks Contact Form and report those pesky invalid clickers! 1. Enter your contact information 2. Provide answers and information to a few quick security questions like […]

Have You Created A P3P Privacy Policy?

In most regions a privacy policy is required and if you run AdSense on your site, you are now required to have a privacy policy implemented. Check out my previous post about the new AdSense Privacy Policy rules for more details. Here’s a sample of my privacy policy if you are interested. I don’t make […]

AdSense Now Requires A Privacy Policy On All AdSense Sites.

You may not have heard of this new rule, but it’s true… Any site you currently have AdSense ads on must have a privacy policy. Feel free to use my site as a privacy policy sample. You can also use the free DMA Privacy Policy Generator. The Google AdSense Blog details the changes: “We’ve also […]