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Can I Use Tap Water In My Computer Water Cooling Rig?

You should never use tap water in your computer’s CPU water cooling rig (or in your car’s radiator). Tap water contains certain metals that will negatively react to the metals in the water cooling system, and it will erode away; especially if your water cooler is made of aluminum. Use only distilled water to fill […]

Does My Web Server Location Affect My Ranking In Search Engines?

YES! We have seen some huge web page ranking increases from search engines that are using a server located in the same city as your business. For example, if you have a vacation rental in San Francisco, CA it would be ideal to also have your server located in San Francisco. How Do I Find […]

Where Can I Get Recovery CDs From Top Computer Makers?

Here’s a list of 7 computer manufacturers through whom you can order recovery disks for your computer: Alienware 866 – 287- 6727 Compaq Presario 800-652-6672 Dell 800-624-9896 eMachines 408-273-0888 Gateway 800-846-2301 HP & Compaq 800-474-6836 Velocity Micro 800-303-7866

What Does It Take To Run Windows Vista Premium?

In order for you to run Windows Vista, your computer must meet the following requirements: 40 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor 1 GB of system memory DVD-ROM drive Audio output Internet access Support for DirectX 9 graphics with: WDDM Driver A […]

Protect Windows XP With Windows Defender

Microsoft has finally launched an application for Windows XP that protects your computer from spyware; it’s called Windows Defender and you can download it for free at Once Windows Defender is installed, I recommend that you perform a full system scan and set up a schedule to scan your system at least once a […]

Why Can’t People Receive Emails I Send With Attachments?

The most common reason people are unable to receive your emails with attachments is size limits set by the ISP (internet service provider) First, check with your own ISP (i.e. AOL) for size limits on attachments. Then check with the ISP of the person to whom you are sending the attached file (i.e. Yahoo!). Some […]

Why Does My Hard Drive Run All The Time?

Typically, 3 things contribute to your computer’s hard drive running all the time: 1. The LED is connected to the wrong plug on the motherboard. 2. Your computer has a virus or malware, so it’s always doing bad things; like taking screen shots every time you log into your bank account and sending them to […]

How Do I Find Out What Motherboard & CPU I Have?

I found a great site called CPUID, with the downloadable application CPU-Z, which gives you the specs of your motherboard, CPU, and memory. Download the application through the link above the graphic, or get it here: CPU-Z; this version may not be up to date however. CPU Name and number. Core stepping and process. Package. […]

Who Do You Like For Web Hosting?

I really like 1and1 for website hosting right now. I’ve had really good luck with 1and1; the server uptime is excellent and I have never had a problem with 1and1 putting too many other clients on the same shared server that I’m on. 1and1 has packages starting at $3.99, which allow you unlimited number of […]

How To Cancel Service With 1and1 Website Hosting

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of people have been asking me how to cancel service with 1and1 internet service. It seems as though every now and then people call customer service at 1and1 and ask them to cancel a domain or service, and it doesn’t always get canceled. The best way I have found […]