Can I Use Tap Water In My Computer Water Cooling Rig?

You should never use tap water in your computer’s CPU water cooling rig (or in your car’s radiator). Tap water contains certain metals that will negatively react to the metals in the water cooling system, and it will erode away; especially if your water cooler is made of aluminum.

Use only distilled water to fill your water cooling system; most grocery stores carry it. Distilled water has the strongest thermal conductivity and will cool your system the best. Because some impurities make it through the distillation process, you may need to add some anti-corrosion, anti-algae, and some form of biocide.

If you don’t know where to acquire all that, just mix 10-20% of glycol (anti-freeze) for aluminum, which you can find at most any auto parts store, with 80-90% water.

Of course, when in doubt, follow the computer manufacturer’s instructions.

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