Who Do You Like For Web Hosting?

I really like 1and1 for website hosting right now. I’ve had really good luck with 1and1; the server uptime is excellent and I have never had a problem with 1and1 putting too many other clients on the same shared server that I’m on.

1and1 has packages starting at $3.99, which allow you unlimited number of websites to be hosted by 1and1, and 300 gigs of traffic; more than you will most likely ever use. You can also purchase domains for $6.99.

I do have one gripe, however…tech support is based in India and I have a difficult time communicating with them over the phone. Fortunately 1and1 has great online support and a good FAQ page, so you may never need to call them.

Feel free to sign up with my URL so I can make a buck…Sign up to 1and1.com

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