Why Does My Hard Drive Run All The Time?

Typically, 3 things contribute to your computer’s hard drive running all the time:

1. The LED is connected to the wrong plug on the motherboard.

2. Your computer has a virus or malware, so it’s always doing bad things; like taking screen shots every time you log into your bank account and sending them to whomever infected your computer.

3. Windows XP has a feature called Search Companion, which constantly indexes everything on your computer. As a result, when you search for a file on your computer, the search is faster. Search Companion can really slow down some systems; I hardly ever do a file search on my computer, so I don’t mind waiting a few seconds longer to save wear and tear on my hard drive.

If you have Search Companion and want to disable it, go to your start menu, click ‘Search,’ then ‘Change Preferences,’ then ‘With Indexing Service.’ Choose ‘No, Do Not enable Indexing Service’ and you’re done.


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