How To Cancel Service With 1and1 Website Hosting

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of people have been asking me how to cancel service with 1and1 internet service. It seems as though every now and then people call customer service at 1and1 and ask them to cancel a domain or service, and it doesn’t always get canceled.

The best way I have found to cancel service or delete a domain from your 1and1 internet account is to go to the following URL:

Click ‘cancel’ in the upper left hand area of the 1and1 internet support web page. You will then be given the option of either deleting your entire package, or deleting specific domains. If you choose to delete specific domains, you will be taken to another page where you can choose only the domains you want to delete.

Once that is completed, 1and1 internet will send you a confirmation email. You must click the link contained in the email in order to confirm that you want to cancel your 1and1 internet service.

1and1 tech support phone number: (877) 435-7281

1and1 billing email:

1and1 tech support email:

I am not sure why so many people are having issues canceling their 1and1 internet account, but I hope this helps.

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It helped a ton. The FAQs told me how to cancel, but I still could not find the spot. Your directions were very helpful! Thanks.

Good. Thanks.

1and1 deleted my account without telling me and now my website won’t work which is a disaster. They are telling me to open up a new account, which I don’t understand why I should have to do this. I would rather transfer my domain to another registrar because i have always found 1and1 to be a nightmare and the people who are on the end of the telephone can never understand me.

Just for balance I thought I’d leave a comment about 1&1! I’ve been with them nearly 10 years and although I’d agree their telephone support is woeful everything works well via the dashboard and I’ve had to ring them only maybe twice in 10 years! Sometimes their FAQ pages are a bit brief but if you google for instructions they are all out there somewhere. I currently host 10 or so wordpress sites with them and their prices are cheap so don’t dismiss them out of hand!

It is difficult and frustrating to cancel. Expext the page to freeze a a rate which makes it take two hours to cancel 5 domains.

The confirmation wont come. Even if it does, you log back in and see the domain again.

Stay away from for anything! They have terrible business practices.

I have been unsuccessful in cancelling the web account. I have followed all of the guidance but just cannot get through to their cancellation department via phone to confirm the final part. They announce that it will take seven minutes, five, or two to get the call answered but when the time elapses the call goes onto a normal ringtone. I am sooooooo frustrated and will not be paying their bill. I also find it very annoying that the website created is not ‘a work in progress’ and concealed from people viewing an unfinished site. I just want out asap.

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