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Twitter Grader – Grade Your Twitter Profile

One of my friends forwarded me a link something cool and I’ve managed to waste two hours of my day playing with it. It’s called Twitter Grader. Feel free to check out my Twitter Grader Profile. I managed to score a 92%. I might just have to tell my mom. Is that an A or […]

How Do I Find Out If A Computer Virus Or Article Is A Hoax?

We all get them, those email forwards that warn us of all the latest and deadliest computer viruses; but how do you know which ones to believe and which ones to ignore? There are actually quite a few sites you can visit that deal with these pesky computer virus emails, chain letter scams, and the […]

How To Transfer AOL Email Stored In The PFC Personal Filing Cabinet

People often ask me how they can get all their saved emails and saved contacts out of the AOL file cabinet. It can be a bit hard sometimes because AOL uses what they call the PFC or, Personal Filing Cabinet. This PFC is in a propriety format that only AOL can access. How convenient. What […]

Where Can I Report Spam Emails Or Illegal Activity?

Check out these sites: Spam that is fraudulent – offering products that don’t work or don’t exist, pyramid schemes and so on – can be sent to the US Federal Trade Commission at Spam that promotes stocks can be sent to the US Securities and Exchange Commission at Spam containing or advertising child […]

Send Big File Attachments With YouSendIt.

So many things are getting smaller these days – cell phones, music devices, cars (my bank account). But some things are getting bigger – like file transfers and attachments sizes. What do you do when you’re like so many others and have an email service with attachment size limits? You sign up for a free […]

Are You Using An RSS Feed Reader Yet?

I am starting to feel my age and at times I get lazy learning new technologies. But I finally took the plunge and started learning about RSS feed readers. Boy how I wish I did this 6 years ago! So what do RSS feed readers do? Save you a ton of time, that’s what they […]

How Can I Send A Shorter URL In Email So The Link Doesn’t Break?

One way to make a shorter URL (link to a web page) is to snip it with a URL shortening service. One of my favorite free URL shortening services is URLSnip. The service is free, they have a public and private option, and you can make the shorter URL last forever. It’s pretty neat; check […]

How Much Can You Write Off On Food, Hotel And Travel Fees For Business?

Every area has what is known as a maximum per diem rate you can write off for mileage, travel, food, lodging, etc. Check the Office of Allowances web site for details on what foreign and domestic per diem rates are.

Do You Have Any Unclaimed Assets?

Have you ever wondered if a family member who has passed away still has money sitting in a bank account somewhere? I wonder that every now and then; my grandparents never kept records of anything and never talked about money. So I wonder if they have some unclaimed assets somewhere. All 50 states have unclaimed […]

Find Real Estate Owned (REO) Homes On For FREE

Found a new site that deal in REO (Real Estate Owned) homes that give away the data for free. There are a ton of sites that make you pay. One thing the site only deal in certain areas. Redfin serves these areas: Baltimore REO’s Boston REO’s Los Angeles REO’s San Diego REO’s San Francisco REO’s […]

Afterthoughts Birthday Insurance By Commemorative Life Insurance Services

Here’s a funny thing I read the other day… Commemorative Life Insurance Services based in Laguna Hills, California is now offering Afterthoughts Birthday Insurance. Here’s how it works. You pay an insurance premium each year. After you die the insurance company will send a check to your kids on their birthdays for as long as […]

Do You Buy Your Prescriptions At WalMart?

WalMart has recently been discounting some of the fees on select prescription drugs to $4.00 for a 30 day supply, and $10.00 for a 90 day supply. With some medical insurance plans charging a $40.00 co-pay for prescription drugs, that can be a real money saver. Not to mention a time saver. Why drive all […]

Where To Find WIFI Wireless Hot Spots

Here are a couple sites where you can find WIFI Wireless Access Hotspots: WiFinder Wi-Fi-FreeSpot The Wireless Database Project If you know any others please comment & let me know so I can add to this list. Another option to consider is connecting your laptop to your phone via a data cable or Bluetooth. Monthly […]

Make Sure To Backup Your Web Server

I know quite a few people, myself included, who have lost their entire web site because they did not backup their web server. Sometime if you get a spam complaint the hosting company will immediately delete your entire web server and not allow you to copy the files on it. Some hosting companies only keep […]

Have You Backed Up Your Home Computer Lately?

Just a friendly reminder to never forget to backup your home computer; I made the mistake of not backing up my main computer roughly 2 years ago. I had everything stored on a hard drive in one of those portable hard drive enclosures like this one: It happened to be exceptionally hot here in Northern […]