Are You Using An RSS Feed Reader Yet?

I am starting to feel my age and at times I get lazy learning new technologies. But I finally took the plunge and started learning about RSS feed readers. Boy how I wish I did this 6 years ago!

So what do RSS feed readers do? Save you a ton of time, that’s what they do!

I read a ton of blogs on a daily basis to keep up with travel news and events. I used to go through my bookmarks in my web browser and go to each blog every day and see if there was any new content I hadn’t read yet. A lot of those blogs don’t post every day so I was wasting a lot of time looking at each blog and trying to remember if I had read that last article or not.

With a Feed Reader you just input the RSS feed into the reader and it will automatically check the blog every couple hours for you and alert you when there is a new post. I can’t tell you how many hours this has saved me.

This icon is the universal feed reader icon.   

So any time you see that icon you can click it to get the RSS Feed Link to put into your RSS Feed Reader. Check out the Vacation Rental Marketing feed.

There are two types of readers, web based and application based.

I prefer web based feed readers because you can go anywhere and it’s always available even if you are using another person’s laptop or are at an internet cafe. The downside is that if the web based feed reader’s site is down or they go out of business you will not have access to it anymore. My favorite web based feed reader is the Google Reader. You can also choose to share your feeds. I have only shared a couple things as of yet; take a look at my shared Google Reader Feed.

The other option is to install an application onto your computer. If you like control, this is the way to go; that way you know you’re never going to lose your RSS feeds you have set up. But if you use another computer, you won’t have access to your reader unless you install that application on every computer you use and import the feeds into it.

What feed readers do you guys use? What are the positives and negatives of each? Here’s a list of RSS feed readers from Wikipedia


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