Have You Backed Up Your Home Computer Lately?

Just a friendly reminder to never forget to backup your home computer; I made the mistake of not backing up my main computer roughly 2 years ago.

I had everything stored on a hard drive in one of those portable hard drive enclosures like this one:

It happened to be exceptionally hot here in Northern California that day; so hot that the platter in the hard drive actually warped and caused the drive to fail.

I had a ton of data I really needed so I ended up sending the hard drive out to a lab to try to get it recovered. The starting price is around $2,500.00 and they give you no guarantees they will be able to extract anything. They usually also want specifics of what you need. Like all the file names.

They won’t be able to make it function again (like under windows xp) and give you a bootable hard drive. They just extract the specific files you need and mail you a DVD of the particular ones you asked for.

Check around for student discounts also. They may offer them. The place I used gave me 50% off for being a student.

Things to backup:

It’s a headache but you’ll be glad you did it in the future.


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