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Technology is amazing these days; it seems like every month there’s something new – and I still don’t even understand how fax machines work.

Webcams are popular for so many reasons – they’re great for long distance communication like showing off your newborn to family across the country. But webcams also serve as an outlet for exhibitionists and voyeurs alike.

Welcome to World of Webcams – the easiest way to share your webcasts with a worldwide audience!

Sign up with World of Webcams and you’ll have access to over 300 webcam streams, and be able to view their 3,000,000+ image archive.

World of Webcams ( will provide you with a free web cam homepage, where you will be able to instantly stream your camera, as well as chat with other folks with webcams streaming on Your free webcam page includes a chatbox, photo albums, webcam postcards, and more.

But perverts beware – World of Webcams has no tolerance for you.

A short message for child pornographers

If child pornography is your thing, then before you put your webcam up or start pestering people on our site please be advised of the following:

Right now, both in the US and in Canada some pervert is doing multiple years of hard time because we helped law enforcement with tracking them down. We did not just turn over our log files or our archive pictures, we *ACTIVELY* assisted law enforcement in finding these sleazeballs and putting them behind bars. If you feel like spending some significant portion of your life behind bars in a federal prison then by all means do your thing. If not then I suggest you get help in the form of therapy and clean up your act. Children are in my opinion sacred and should be guaranteed safe passage into adulthood without risk of having their futures derailed for the pleasure of others.

That has got to be one of the best disclaimers I have ever read. Go World of Webcams!


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