Sender Policy Framework SPF – SPF How To & Help

I don’t know about you but all this Sender Policy Framework SPF stuff is pretty confusing to me…

Here’s some resources to help you guys…

These guys can help sometimes (free and they volunteer) but don’t expect a fast response and please try to get help on the forums first:

Also try the SPF FAQ –

Paid SPF Support here –

IRC – Internet Relay chat – If you need real-time help, e.g. for debugging, you can join the #spf IRC channel on

SPF Forums – Be sure to look in the older posts & archives – Lots of resources
See the lists of available mailing list forums here along with archives:

The SPF project has a number of mailing lists for various purposes. All are generally low-volume, except for spf-discuss and spf-help.

spf-announce Infrequent announcements of the SPF Project. To join send an email to
spf-help For people needing help publishing their SPF record or with setting up SPF checking. To join send an email to
spf-discuss All things relating to SPF, many members. Check out NOTE WELL for IETF lists. To join send an email to
spf-deployment Help set the schedule for SPF industry deployment. The target audience is management.
spf-devel Anyone involved in developing software closely related to SPF should join.
srs-discuss Discussion of the theory and practice of SRS.
srs-devel Sender Rewriting System (SRS) software development.
spf-council Public discussions of the SPF Council. Anyone can read, only council members and advisors can post.
spf-private Private discussions of the SPF Council members and advisors only.
spf-webmasters Public discussions about the SPF website and how to improve it.


Send an email to these two places: and and it will tell you if things are setup correctly.

Hosting DNS Lookup –

Here’s a step by step wizard to setup your spf record –

Another SPF record testing tool – three actually on the page
One will check if your domain has a SPF record and if it’s valid, one will check the syntax of your SPF record and the third will check deliverablilty against certain hosts.

Common SPF record mistakes –

subdomain SPF records –
Make sure to publish SPF records for subdomains as well. If you use wildcard domains for sites like wordpress MU something like this would work –

Sites with wildcard A or MX records should also have a wildcard SPF record, of the form: * IN TXT “v=spf1 -all”


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