Google Analytics App for iPhone and iTouch

There are approximately a zillion iPhone Apps, and about half of them are probably useless in everyday use – but not this one!

Check all of your website’s analytics data on your iPhone or iTouch.

What keywords were hot this month? What content brought in the most conversions? How many leads did you get today?

With the Google Analytics App, you can check your website traffic no matter where you are. Getting all your reports and website traffic data on your phone is so easy and quick, you may actually find yourself using the App even when sitting at your computer!

The Google Analytics App boasts over 55 available reports and a whole bunch of other great features. Including:

Ecommerce, Events and All 20 Goal Reports
Quick Overview Reports for at-a-glance data
More Detailed Reports for deeper analysis
Supports Multiple Accounts, Multiple Sites, change login anytime
Change date range, chart granularity by Day/Week/Month

Analytics App

Content Reports
Top Content
Content by Title
Top Landing Pages
Top Exit Pages

Visitors Reports
Visitor Loyalty
Visitor Recency
Length of Visit
Depth of Visit
Browsers and OS

Traffic Reports
All Traffic Sources
Referring Sites
Search Engines
Non-Paid Keywords
Paid Keywords
Adwords Campaigns
Ad Versions

Google Analytics App

Event Tracking Reports
Event Categories
Event Actions
Event Labels

Overview Reports
Today (Dashboard report of Today)
Visitors Overview
Traffic Overview
Content Overview
Event Tracking Overview
Goals Overview


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