Using Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition On Your USB Thumb Drive

Firefox has come out with a new edition called Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition, which with the help of a USP thumb drive, allows you to bring all your saved history, bookmarks, cookies, and passwords with you wherever you go.

Firefox Portable, with the help of your thumb drive, also has the ability to store everything you do on a shared computer (like at the office) that you don’t necessarily want to share with others (like your boss).

You can download Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition here:

Once there, click the download link and save the file to your USB Drive. Then open the file through your thumb drive and click on the executable file to install Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition. Now any time you want to launch Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition just click on the FirefoxPortable.exe file on your thumb drive.

If you want to have access to all the same history, bookmarks, cookies, and passwords you have on your home pc using Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition, you can just copy the profile from your home machine to your thumb drive.

You can usually find the files to copy from your home computer in this location on your hard drive:

C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default.???\

Just copy the contents of that folder (except the cache directories) to the FirefoxPortable\Data\profile directory. Then, and this is important, delete the file FirefoxPortableSettings.ini within the FirefoxPortable\Data\settings directory, if there is one.

If you’re using a flash-based portable device, it’s recommended that when you start Firefox Portable for the first time, you turn off your disk cache, password saving and history.

Installing Plugins (Flash, Shockwave, etc.)

With Firefox Portable, plugins work a bit differently than they do in regular Firefox. Here’s how to install some of the most common plugins:

No Portable Java – Sun’s Java VM needs to be installed on the computer you are working on as it makes a slew of registry entries, etc. However, there is no way to make it portable at present, so you will only be able to use Java-enabled sites on machines that have the Sun Java VM installed on the computer you are working on.



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