HP Learning Center Offering Free Computer Classes

The HP Learning Center has long offered free online classes, and now those classes are “always on” – available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Courses include classes in Adobe, ASP.net, Excel, Expression Web, Linux, Networking 101, PowerPoint, Real Estate Marketing, Vista, Word, XP and many more.

Business Skills

Exploring and implementing Gobi and 3G technology
Get organized: managing time, space and paper
Save money, be energy efficient
Use Google Desktop to find and retrieve what you need
Use color-coding to prioritize your email

Computing and Networking

HP Backup and Recovery Manager: restore files
Laptop PCs: basic troubleshooting and repair
Networking 101
Servers 101

Government and Education

Grant planning: matching funding sources with your needs
HP ProtectTools Security Manager: using BIOS Configuration
Internet safety for students and schools
Virus protection best practices
Writing exceptional grant proposals

Graphic Arts

Adobe Photoshop CS4: introduction
Printing and marketing large-format projects

Microsoft Office and Adobe

Adobe Acrobat: creating PDFs
Microsoft Excel 2007: link and unlink content between two workbooks
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007: create a new slide master
Microsoft Word 2007: take a tour of special features

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows Vista: advanced customization
Microsoft Windows Vista: tune up your PC

Programming and Web

Building your first web page
XML: introduction

IT Professionals

Disaster preparedness through virtualization
Firewall basics
How to build a midsize IT core infrastructure
Simple backup strategies with HP Backup and Recovery Manager

The offered classes listed here are just the tip of the iceberg!

And as always, the online classes offered at the HP Learning Center are FREE!


i want to learn windows vista.i am not to familar with this computer. thank you

i have very little computer knowledge,but im willingto learn.

when will this free computer classes is going to start?

i want to learn about function of the computer…..

i seems to me it so hard to get back with my class now, since i registered for your new system, there are no more lesson and classes you can sign in, im in the middle of my class programming and im so frustrated i can not even go back to my class now.

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