HomeAway Connect Free Reservation Calendar

Everyone loves to be able to look at a calendar when they’re planning a trip online.

Designed exclusively for owners and managers of vacation rental homes, each HomeAway Connect calendar shows unavailable dates for a specific vacation rental property. Each calendar can be linked to several other webpages, allowing you to have your rental calendar on multiple advertising sites.

The HomeAway Connect calendar helps you:

HomeAway Connect currently works with the following sites:


And soon will be working with even more sites around the world:


For those who were members of Rentals.org, do not despair – HomeAway Connect has replaced Rentors.org, but supports all the same features as Rentors.org, and has even added more.

The name may have changed, but the goal is the same – give owners the resources and tools they need to have the most successful vacation rental home business they can.

HomeAway Connect offers the best tools in the industry available today to make the marketing, advertising, and management of your vacation rental, easier than it has ever been.

Q: What happened to my Rentors.org account?
Your account has been converted to a HomeAway Connect account. We’ve automatically moved all of your properties and data (calendar and guestbook) to your new HomeAway Connect account.

You still have access to the incredibly helpful Newsletters in the Rentors.org Newsletter Archives as well – they go all the way back to 2002.

Q: Will my Rentors.org login name and password stay the same?
Yes, you can login into HomeAway Connect using the same Rentors.org name and password as you do today.

Q: Is HomeAway Connect free?
Yes. All of the same features you enjoyed for free on Rentors.org will remain free on HomeAway Connect. You can continue using:


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