What should you carry in your purse?

I went through a whole semester abroad, traveling to 8 different countries with no money belt and and an over-sized purse. More important that how you carry around your valuables is luck and vigilance.

While it’s probably most secure to use a money belt, I think it’s fine to carry a purse that has a zipper (so it’s hard to get into to) and you are always paying attention to it. You can look at the blog post on scams to see what to look for when people are trying to scam you. Knowing these is the first line of defense.

You always want to make sure if your purse does get stolen you don’t have valuables in it. Don’t carry your passport around, just a photo ID. Don’t carry around hundreds of dollars of cash, just an ATM. Don’t carry around sentimental pictures.

Do carry sunglasses, sun block, and water. Some optional items are toilet paper and bacterial lotion. You will be surprised by the number of places that do not have toilet paper or soap.


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