Vacation Certificates – Give Away Travel Certificates & Get More Business

There’s no word more pleasing to the consumer’s ear than ‘free.’ Add the word ‘trip’ or ‘vacation’ to it, and I guarantee you’ve perked the ears of many.

What better way to attract new business and thank loyal clients than to present them with a Vacation Certificate personalized with your business information on it?

Vacation Certificates are a great and easy way to grab the attention of potential clients, increase your sales, or simply say thank you. Best of all, vacation certificates are considered an advertising expense, and therefore may be deducted from your yearly taxes.

So many people, in so many professions, have found fantastic uses for their Vacation Certificates.

I bet you’re wondering just how these Vacation Certificates work…..

These particular Vacation Certificates guarantee the recipient a 3 day 2 night deluxe hotel stay in their choice of 20 destination locations.

All the recipient needs to do is mail in the certificate with their choice of destination city, along with a $12 processing and handling fee. When they book their reservation at least 60 days in advance and don’t select holiday weeks or weekends, they are guaranteed to receive their requested dates of travel.

It’s important to note that at no time will you or any of your Vacation Certificate recipients be required to attend a seminar or any sort of timeshare presentation.

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