Travel Brussels Belgium W/ Lori

Many people overlook Brussels as well as Belgium in considering places to travel, however Brussels and Belgium should not be overlooked. While you won’t have a checklist of big name things to do in Brussels, it does offer some good culinary treats and a diverse crowd.

The Basics

How long should you spend in Brussels? I would suggest spending two days in Brussels and one day in Brugges as a day trip. One of your two nights should be spent at one of the many cool Brussels’ bars.

In Brussels, the majority of Belgians speak French, but it is helpful that about 20% of the population speaks Flemish (a dialect of Dutch). Because Brussels is such an international city, many people also speak at least a little bit of English. The only place I had trouble communicating was the post office, but they were able to find someone who spoke English. At times a language barrier can be hard, but in Brussels people are willing to help you out. Don’t be afraid to look a little foolish, the results are usually worth it.

Most people know about the chocolate and ‘French Fries’ Brussels is famous for, but there is also a lot of other cool stuff Brussels is famous for. Belgians practically worship the Mannekin Pis, a statue of a little boy peeing. Belgians also love their beer and you will find many bars in Brussels serving the standard Belgian beers. Enjoy learning about Brussels in blog.


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