Transportation in Brussels – How To Get Around

Transportation in Brussels

The city of Brussels is connected by a great metro/bus/tram system. This system starts working at about 6am and goes until midnight. On the weekends, night buses run until 3am and it’s always worth it to have a schedule/map just in case you are having too much fun to be at home by midnight.

The Brussels Metro system is fairly easy to use. There are only 6 lines and there are maps everywhere. If you are living in the city for a month or more, it is worth it to pay 30 euro for the unlimited monthly metro pass. It works on all public transportation within the city! The next best option for people who are staying just for a few days is a 5 ticket pass or 10 ticket pass. The 5 ticket pass is about 8 euro and the 10 ticket pass is about 12 euro. A single ticket is about 1.75 euro, but if you buy a ticket from the bus driver than it is 2 euro. IMPORTANT: Those of you not used to European transit, most places require you to VALIDATE your ticket before getting on the metro. There are orange ticket machines before getting on the Brussels metro. Stick your ticket in and it stamps the time on it. You then have an hour to go anywhere on the network without having to use another stamp. *On buses/trams you will find the machine inside the cars.


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