Tipping in Europe

Europe doesn’t tip as much as the United States does. I think this is a good thing, but here are some tips to make you feel better.

The standard tipping for restaurants is 5-10%, but many places include a service fee. It usually says on the check, but you can always ask if you are unsure. Taxes are already included in the price of your food so you can’t just double the tax like I usually do. If you’re like me and bad at math, I usually just round up. For instance, if the bill is 18.50 we’ll give them a 20 euro bill. If it’s 16.45 euros we’ll give them 17 euros.

One thing that should also be noted that in Italy, the bread that is usually given to you or on your table when you arrive is part an extra fee. Sometimes restaurants will charge you no matter if you eat it or not.


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