Time Zones in Europe

It is actually very important to know what time zone you are in and what time zone you are traveling to. You may think you have a 3 hour flight, but it is really four because you fly through a different Time Zone in Europe. This has happened to my friends and I more than once. In one such instance, I woke my friends up an hour early in Ireland because my cell phone hadn’t changed on its own.

*Timezones are all in reference to Greenwich Mean Time or (UTC) and they are the summer schedule!

The UK and Ireland, and LISON are on British Summer Time. I capitalized Lisbon because it’s the only country on continental Europe that is on BST.

UTC + 1 hour

Most of Continent is on Central European Summer Time (CEST, but also known as CEDT, MESZ) which basically ends at Sweden, Poland, Hungary, and continues south.

UTC + 2 hours

The furthest east side of Europe is Eastern European Summer Time (EEST, or also known as EEDT). This goes all the way to Asia and Russia.

UTC + 3 hours


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