Scams In Europe – Don’t Let A Pickpocket Get Ya

While Europe is on average a safer place than the United States, there are some specialty tricks thief’s will use to get your attention and your money. As long as you know them ahead of time you will be prepared and feel safe.

The first one is a game street vendors will play with cups and a ball. You have to guess which ball is under which cup.

The second one is found in Italy. A street vendor accuses a woman of stealing and she strips down to her underwear. While she creates the diversion, the other people involved will be taking money from unsuspecting onlookers.

This next one is common in a lot of places. You will get pushed into by someone on a train/metro/crowded area and just with bumping into you they will have gotten a wallet, camera, or something else valuable. To make sure you are not a victim, don’t have your wallet in your pockets. Wear a money belt inside your pants or underneath your shirt instead. If you absolutely need to wear a wallet, then place it in your front pocket. Always be aware of your things in crowded places. A twist to this trick is to use a pregnant woman. They sometimes pretend like they are going to drop their baby so you grab it and they grab your purse, or they bump into you once again….I mean who doesn’t trust a pregnant lady.

Don’t be fooled by these trips. Be on your guard at all times. Do you have a story? Tell us in the comments section!


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