Ryanair – The Airline For Cheap Flights

Ryanair has recently made headlines when it has stated it would like to charge people to use the toilets on their airplane. If you have ever been on a Ryanair flight you know this is just a small step up from selling cosmetics, bus tickets, and snacks on their plane rides.

If you are looking for a really cheap flight and aren’t really concerned that you might have to leave at 6am or 11pm, then Ryanair is a great airline. They are constantly offering low rates to over 500 cities all across Europe and even some in North Africa.

Ryanair flights come in on time 90% of the time. They don’t offer seat reservations, but for five euros you can get on the plane earlier. I have never been on a Ryanair flight that sold out so I have never had a problem sitting with friends.

One thing to note about Ryanair flights is that they often fly out of obscure airports so make sure you factor in the additional cost of getting to these airports. For example, our Ryanair flight out of charleroi airport in Brussels cost us an additional 13 euros one way for the bus to the airport that is located an hour outside the city center. Our tickets for this particular trip to Ireland was only about 15 dollars so it was worth it. Ryanair also only allows one piece of hand luggage and it absolutely MUST fit into their hand luggage container or else they charge you 15-20 dollars per bag. This includes any small items like a camera or purse!! Also be wary of online vs. airport check in. Ryanair can no longer treat EU citizens any different so anyone is allowed to check in online. TIP: Check in online at Ryanair to save money!!


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