America’s Best & Bizarre Miniature Golf Courses – Mini Putt Putt

I have a confession to make…..

I have never understood the fascination with golf. You wander around a park, whacking a little ball too far for you to even really see where it goes, and then you hop in a little car, drive to the next hole, and do it all over again.

Pretty boring if you ask me.

Unless of course the golf game you are playing is a game Miniature Golf – then it’s down right fun!

Here’s a great summer vacation idea…..take a trip across America and visit America’s Best (and Most Bizarre) Miniature Golf Courses.

Best for a First Date
Around the World in 18 Holes
Lake George, New York

Why it’s cool: Each hole represents a different nation.


Best for Lapsed “Lost” Fans
Mayday Golf
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Why it’s cool: A golf course version of the abandoned tropical island on ABC’s “Lost.”


Best of the “Most Unusual” category
Par-King Skill
Suburb in Chicago, Illinois

Why it’s cool: Features an elaborate roller-coaster hole made out of over 750 wood pieces, and a Sears Tower hole.


Best for the Whole Family
Putz n Glo Miniature Golf
Rapid City, South Dakota

Why it’s cool: Housed inside an 8,000 square foot facility and offers glow-in-the-dark fun for all ages.


Best for the Recently Bereaved
Ahlgrim’s Acres
Palatine, Illinois

Why it’s cool: An actual funeral home with a free round of mini-golf at their mortuary-themed course with every standard funeral package.


Best to Get You Back to Your Agrarian Roots
Ripley’s Old MacDonald’s Farm and Mini Golf
Sevierville, Tennessee

Why it’s cool: 18-hole course with animatronic farm animals that moo, bark, and cluck


Best for the Bible-Thumpers
The Lexington Ice Center – Old Testament, New Testament, Miracles
Lexington, Kentucky

Why it’s cool: Three Bible themed mini golf courses rated one of the 10 best miniature golf destinations in America by the Travel Channel


Best for a Return to Piracy’s Whimsical Past
Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf
Several Locations Across America

Why it’s cool: It’s a Pirate themed course, and anything Pirate is cool.


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