Hostels in Europe – Cheap Youth Hostels

If your image of hostels is that they are dirty, loud, and uncomfortable, than you have not been to a good hostel recently. Hostels are the accommodation for young people. Where else can you sleep for as little as 8 euro?

The average cost of a euro is about 20-30 euro. Some euros come with pools, bars, breakfast, common rooms, and free activities, and some are the bare minimum-a crowded room with beds. Some include en-suite rooms with bathrooms and others have one bathroom for multiple rooms. For some people they want that extra stuff, but if you want to save money look for simple. All you’re really doing is sleeping anyway. That said, I have stayed in some pretty amazing hostels that included great amenities and a wonderful staff for a cheap price.

In Lisbon, we stayed in the Traveler’s Inn, which was on the main shopping strip and included nightly activities and a great staff with many helpful tips.

The top websites to look for hostels is Hostel World, Hostelbookers, and Some of these include booking sites. I would compare the prices of all three to make sure you are getting the cheapest price.

It is up to you to decide what’s most important, but here are what I think are the most important qualities of a great hostel. In addition to this information, I almost always check out reviews. They tell you what you need to hear and not what the hostel wants you to hear.

#1: Location

Some things to think about. If you have an early train/plane, stay somewhere close to the train station or a bus line.

Stay in a central area. It will cost down on transportation costs.

Stay out of bad areas. You might need to do some research to figure this one out, but it’s important for your safety.

#2: Breakfast included

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even if a hostel is 1-5 more euros than one that doesn’t include breakfast, it might be worth it. You can relax in the hostel every morning and even take a snack with you.

#3: Helpful staff

I love that little something extra from a hostel that can give good directions on restaurants, bars, or other tips for things to do.

#4: Safety

This includes location, but other things to consider is if they have lockers to store your personals or safes for valuables. You shouldn’t bring anything valuable anyway (except your passport), but just in case you want to be prepared.

With these tips, good luck in finding the perfect hostel on your next trip!


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