Delirium Brussels Bar

The definition of delirium is the decline in attention-focus, perception, and cognition. This is why Delirium Brussels is the best name for the biggest bar in Brussels.

People may or may not know about the extensive collection of Belgian beers. If you are traveling to Brussels, you absolutely must stop at Delirium Brussels. You will know Delirium Brussels because of the blue sign with the pink elephant on it and almost every guidebook has Delirium Brussels as one of its top bar locations.

Delirium Brussels has over 2000 beers from all over the world. So how do you figure out what to drink? If you want to do some looking before you get to Delirium Brussels, you should take a look at their website:

Delirium Brussels

However, if you decide to go on a whim, they have a giant menu (a textbook really) of all their beers sorted by flavor. For a fun idea, you can get a giant glass boot with straws to drink with good friends, or make some new ones like we did.

Delirium Brussels is very conveniently located. Just a few minutes from the Grand Place, and right off of the Road of the Butches. Right across from it is the Absinthe Bar where you can try many different kinds of absinthe.

Enjoy your new favorite bar in Brussels!


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