Cell Phones In Europe

This advice is mainly for study abroad students who will be staying in a country for a couple months up to a year.

*For those going on a short vacation I would bring your regular cell phone to Europe and only use it for emergencies. Make sure to tell everyone not to call you because both them and you will be charged.

Option One:

Unlock your cell phone at least a month before leaving. I say a month because you need to call your service provider to get the unlock code. If you try and do this more than once and fail, you will be permanently locked out. They will give you a little code to unlock your phone so you can take your American sim card out so you can put a European sim card in.

Option Two:

Buy a cell phone in Europe. I bought the cheapest one available because I locked myself out of my American cell phone. It cost 35 Euros. For the four months I was in Belgium I spent about 30 euros worth of minutes.

I would recommend having a cell phone in Europe for:

1. Emergencies

2. If you meet new friends and want to meet up later.

3. To call and confirm hostels/hotels in advance.

4. You get lost.


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