California Carnivores – Check Out These Carnivorous Plants!

Since 1989, California Carnivores has grown and sold the largest variety of carnivorous plants in the United States.

From Venus flytraps to American pitcher plants, from sundews to butterworts, bladderworts to tropical pitcher plants, and so much more. All California Carnivores plants are commercially cultivated with perfect specimens for everyone from beginners to experts and collectors. All the plants are of the highest quality and are sold at competitive prices.

Peter D’Amato, founder of California Carnivores and author of The Savage Garden, has been growing carnivorous plants for 40 years. Co-founder of the (California) Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society and frequent contributor to their Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, D’Amato has written and lectured on the subject of California Carnivorous plants in several magazines and at various events and gatherings throughout the years.

Browse the Plant Catalog and shop online for everything you need to grow and care for your own California Carnivores.

What people are saying about Peter D’Amato and California Carnivores:

“It’s been one week now since my son and I made our field trip from Sacramento to visit your nursery. We both wanted to thank you again for signing our copy of The Savage Garden and making our visit adventurous and pleasant. The plants we brought home with us are doing well!” – M.V.

“Hi, my plants arrived yesterday. I’m really impressed by the way you pack them for shipping. I’ve seen plants in local nurseries that don’t look as good, and they haven’t been shipped cross-country!” – M.P.

“The plants I bought make my garden look very nice. A lot of my friends think I used my microbiology and biochemistry skills to create genetically mutated plants, but I told them I just bought them from you!” – M. N.

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful plants I received! They are all spectacular, but I actually got more than I ordered. Many sundew plants were growing in pots of pitcher plants…a fun bonus!” – Paul B.

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