Budget Airlines in Europe

You may have already seen my post about RyanAir, the most popular budget airline in Europe, but there are a few more key websites and key airlines you should be aware of. My favorite budget airline in Europe is EasyJet. Although the number of cities is limited, it offers a wider range of flights for those cities. You still have the limited baggage requirements and no complimentary services on board like the other budget airlines in Europe, but they are reliable and easy to find. Visit them at easyjet.com today!

The second site is Fly Cheapo. This website is ideal for searching for budget airlines. All you have to do is find the city you are flying out of and the comprehensive search lets you know all the destinations which have connections with that city via budget airlines. For instance, Brussels is connected with 25 different cities. Once I click the city is gives me some more information about the cities, a map of how far away it is, and then a link to the budget airline where I can book my ticket. Visit them at http://www.flycheapo.com!

This next website has saved me a lot of money on international flights. Sky Scanner is a comprehensive list of all flights going to and from a particular city. In addition to budget airlines, it gives you all airlines who may be cheaper than budget airlines. Visit them at http://www.skyscanner.net!

One of the things that helped me planning weekend vacations was being diligent in scanning these websites looking for good deals from budget airlines. Ryanair has deals all the time and the same with EasyJet. Get on these budget airlines’ email lists so you can be the first to know about their awesome deals. Also, some cities offer their own budget airlines. For me in Brussels it was Brussels Airlines. I was able to save a lot of money using these websites and I hope you will too!





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