Brussels Train Stations

For whatever reason, Brussels has numerous train stations which can be a bit of a hassle to normal people. I’ve been to all three for various reasons so I have some pros/cons for each Brussels train station.

The three most popular are

Gare du Midi (South)

Gard du Nord (North)

Gare Central (Central)

The biggest Brussels train station is Gare du Midi (South) which is home to all the high speed rail lines including Thayls and Eurostar (to London). In just an hour, 50 minutes you can be in London and in less than an hour you can be in Paris.

This Brussels Train Station also features the most food and gift shops because its the most popular train station. It’s very easy to get there and easy to find your train! For this reason it is my favorite train station.

The next most popular Brussels train station is Gare Central (Central Station). This is located closest to the center of town. From this train station you can walk to the touristy areas including the Grand Place. There isn’t much to eat here, but there is a small grocery story and smoothie place. I like to use this one for traveling on local trains to other Belgian cities. High speed lines do not come through this Brussels train station.

This train station is the most convenient because you don’t have to transfer to a tram and its in the center of the city. This is the station to use if you are going to Holland, specifically Amsterdam. It takes about three hours to get there and is a really pretty ride.

Brussels Nord is the least common train. The only reason we took this train was because we were going to Germany by taking a regional train and not the much faster Thayls.

All three railway stations run trains to the other two train stations. All three also have trains that go to the Brussels Airport. Brussels Midi is the only place you can take the Charleio Airport Shuttle.

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