Brussels Airports Guide


Brussels Airport (BRU): This is the main Brussels airport.

The cheapest way to get to/from the Brussels airport is the BUS. The line is number 12 on weekdays and 21 on weekends and nights. A one way ticket to and from the Brussels airport is 4 euro. At peak times, the bus comes about every 30 minutes, but always make sure to check the schedule –

The second cheapest way to get to/from the Brussels airport is to take a train. Trains go to all the major train stations in Brussels.

Finally, you can always take a taxi to town, but I would always use this as a last resort or if you are traveling by yourself and have a hundred pounds of luggage like me on my first day of Brussels. It will cost you about 40-50 euros plus a small tip (usually just round up). Always use registered taxis and don’t listen to people trying to solicit you out of line.

Charleroi Airport

This is the second Brussels airport. To get to this Brussels Airport, you can either drive or take the shuttle bus. I would not recommend taking a taxi to this Brussels Airport because it is about an hour away from Brussels and could cost you 100 euros to get there.

The Charleroi shuttle bus starts and ends at Brussels Midi (the south train station). It is by the Thalys terminal. It costs 13 euro one way to get to the Brussels airport (Charleroi).

This Brussels airport is primarily for cheap airlines like Ryanair and while you can save a lot of money on these flights, keep in mind the extra transportation costs to get to/from the airport. It might just be worth it to pay 20 euro more and fly out of the main Brussels Airport (BRU)


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