Best Times to Travel in Europe

Obviously the most important times of the year to travel are the summer months (June-August), but these might not be the best times to travel.

First of all, it’s hot! If you have ever been in the Roman metro in the middle of the day in 90 degree weather you know why this is a bad idea.

Second, this is when everyone else is traveling which translates to longer lines, more expensive hotels, harder to find accommodation, and everything is more crowded.

Third, many locals, especially the Parisians leave major cities for their own vacation. So whose left in these towns? Tourists.

It is much better traveling in the off-season when it’s not totally cold! The best months to travel are September/October and March-May. Any other times it’s either too crowded or too cold. These months give you a pleasant temperature, smaller crowds, cheaper accommodation, and friendlier locals.


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