Bars in Brussels – Don’t Miss These!


The Grand Place of Brussels has many unique restaurants and bars surrounding it. One such bar is ‘Cercueil’ which is the French word for Coffin. It is located on Rue harengs 10 which is a little side street off the Grand Place. If you are staring at the City Hall (Hotel d’ville) than turn around and walk the other direction. It is a bit expensive and there is an admission price, but the decor and creativity is worth it. You can drink beer out of skulls and the tables are coffins.

Another place you must hit up in Brussels is A la Mort Subite which means ‘Sudden Death’. It is located at Warmoesberg/Rue Montagne-aux-Herbes-Potagères 7. Many people find the beautiful interior worth it alone, but they also have my favorite beers on tap. Lambic beer! Lambic beer has been fermented with fruits like strawbarries (Framboise), cherries (Kriek), or sugar (Faro). Even if you don’t like beer, these are much sweeter and tastier.

Delirium is another bar that is on the checklist for anyone who loves beer. This place boasts more than 2000 different kinds of beer from Duvel (Devil) with 8.5% alcohol to the labic beer we talked about earlier. If you can’t find a beer you like here, your probably not going to find a beer you like anywhere! Lots of tourists hang out here, but the place is huge! It is right off of Rue des Bouchers which I will talk about next. Right across from it is the Absynthe Bar which serves a lot of different kinds of absynthe. Located in the middle of them is the Mannekin Pis’ sister Jannekin Pis.

Zebra Bar is a place for people who are looking for cocktails, live music, and a cool clientele. For some reason whenever we went we missed live music by being too early or too late so I would check Zebra bar’s website for details. It’s a smaller place. It is located on St Gery where you will find good Indian and Thai food.

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