Barcelona Las Ramblas

A trip to Barcelona is not complete without a walk down Barcelona Las Ramblas. Barcelona Las Ramblas is about 1.2 kilomotres long. It is basically a giant walkway just for pedestrians with two very small lanes on each side.

Barcelona Las Ramblas is filled with many exciting things including souvenirs, artists, performers,musicians, and lots of people. A ridiculous amount of people which means its best to keep a tight eye on your wallet. Another helpful tip of Barcelona Las Ramblas is not to eat at any of the cafes or restaurants as they always hike the price up for tourists. Its much better if you wander down a side street to a cheaper cafe with better service.

TIP: The more dangerous part of Barcelona is actually to the left of Barcelona Las Ramblas (if you have your back facing to the water). I wouldn’t wander around there at night.

Attractions of Barcelona Las Ramblas:

Mercat de la Boqueri: You will definitely notice this building as you walk by. If you are walking from the water than it is on the left side. It is filled with fruits, vegetables, and other edible treats! Some other attractions o the Barcelona Las Ramblas is the Christopher Columbus Market, Wax Museum, and Erotic Museum.


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