What Are Typical Vacation Rental Expenses?

What Are Some Typical Vacation Rental Expenses?

Things car really start to add up quick. Here’s a quick list of a few monthly expenses you may have to pay for if you own a vacation rental.

Cable TV $50.00
Internet $50.00
Telephone $30.00
Cell Phone $55.00
Water $ 60.00
Electricity $100.00
Gas/Propane $100.00
Garbage $40.00
Driving/Gas To Clean Unit $100.00
Home Insurance $50.00
Vacation Rental Insurance Policy $50.00
Umbrella Liability Policy $75.00
Car Insurance: $50.00
Property Taxes $200.00
Domain Name $10.00
Web Site Hosting $10.00
Advertising On Other Sites (Homeaway, VRBO, Etc.: $125.00
Monthly maintenance $200.00

I’m just getting started and the monthly amount is already over $1,300… Feel free to add more items in the comments…


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