HTML Tidy – HTML Markup Clean Up Tool

Dave Raggett’s HTML TIDY is a free utility that automatically fixes mistakes found when editing HTML.

The program also works wonders on the extremely hard to read markup generated by specialized HTML conversion tools and editors. Plus it can help identify where detailed attention is needed on making your pages more accessible to people with disabilities.

HTML TIDY corrects a wide range of issues and alerts you to things that you can work on yourself. Each problem item found is listed with the column and line number so it’s easy for you to see where the issue is in your markup.

If TIDY is unsure of how to handle a particular problem, the program will not generate a cleaned up version, rather it logs the problems as “errors” instead of “warnings”.

Recently HTML TIDY underwent a change when Dave Raggett passed the program to a group of volunteers working together as part of Source Forge, an open source community.

The source code continues to be available under an open source license, and you are encouraged to pass on bug reports and enhancement requests at

Just some of the way TIDY can help you:

But it gets better!

HTML TIDY now does wonders on HTML saved from Microsoft Word 2000, by bulking out HTML files with stuff for round-tripping presentation between HTML and Word.


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