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Created for small business owners, Google’s Small Business Network provides the info and tools they need to promote business-friendly policies in Washington, D.C. and state capitols.

Google wants to know about the issues that are important to you so that we can better invest in your goals and objectives and ultimately, your success. New laws, regulations and other public policy initiatives at the federal and state levels should be designed with your best interests in mind.

Google and Small Business – Facts

• Ten years ago, Google started out as a small business in Palo Alto with just 8 employees
• Today, a significant part of Google’s revenue can be attributed to small businesses and the long tail
• Last year, Google paid more than $5 billion in revenue to site owners through our AdSense program, including thousands of small businesses
• Google continues to develop innovative technologies that empower small businesses to thrive and compete — like our Local Business Center, AdWords, and other business solutions
• Google helps small businesses build an online presence with tools that are free and easy to use: check out our guide to Get Online With Google

To find out more about Google’s Small Business Network, visit:

Google’s Small Business Toolkit
-Need help finding customers?
-Tired of your computer system crashing?
-Curious about how to plot more efficient delivery routes?
-Want to make sure your advertising dollars hit the right audience?
-Can’t afford a webmaster or IT specialist?
-Worried that federal and state policies might hurt your bottom line?

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