Google Product Search For Vacation Rentals

Simply put, Google Product Search helps shoppers connect with sellers across the internet and buy their products.

As a seller, Google Product Search helps increase traffic to your online store. Shoppers will quickly and easily find your site after you submit your items to Google Product Search – and it’s all free to you.

Google Product Search connects you to online shoppers looking to buy items you have listed, driving more traffic – and sales – to your online store. Your products will appear on Google Product Search – and maybe even, depending on the relevance of your products and items.

Easily upload your products and content using the Google Product Search content submission tool Google Base.

Your store and products will then appear on Google Product Search (and/or and shown to shoppers when they search for relevant terms to the items you have for sale.

The Google Product Search tool is a powerful search technology that helps you find and compare products from online stores all across the web, and then directs you where to go to buy them.

Google Product Search is…..

Find everything from common products at the best price to the most obscure or unusual products.

Almost instantly after entering a search, you’ll see photos of relevant products and links to the stores that sell them. Click on a product and you’ll go right to the web page where you can buy it.

Google Product Search does not accept payment for product listings. Our technology ranks your results automatically, based on relevance to your search terms.

So how does Google Product Search work, exactly?

Google Product Search collects product information in two ways.

First, it uses product information submitted electronically by sellers.

Second, as Google’s spidering software crawls the Internet, Google Product Search automatically identifies webpages that are offering products for sale.

“To keep growing, we needed to increase traffic. And Product Search increases traffic like no other shopping engine. Even more important, we need to continue to increase sales. That’s where Product Search is really crucial – it delivers customers who actually buy.” – Darrin Shamo,

“Our items only appear when a shopper enters a relevant search term – so we know we’re targeting the right market. And the fact that it’s free makes it even more attractive.” -Brandon Hartness,

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