What Is The Best Free Sitemap Generator? Xenu’s Link Sleuth

I would have to say my favorite tool to use for generating a sitemap is Xenu’s Link Sleuth.

The program is extremely fast and I have used it with success on medium size sites. I was able to run a 500,000 page sitemap on an older computer with 4 gigs of ram/memory. Exporting (out of Xenu to Firefox) that data took quite some time tho.

I have not been able to use any other tool with as much success as this one, unless the program is hosted on the actual web server, but that’s for another post.

Here’s a link to the Xenu User Manual by Frank Visser – not the program creator.

The actual program creator has an awesome yahoo group where you can ask him questions directly if you have issues with the application. He usually responds within 24 hours. Here’s a link to the Xenu Yahoo Group.

Download Xenu Here

Some questions:

Is there a way to change the Xenu User agent?
Answer: no

Can Xenu split a sitemap into batches of 50,000 URL’s?
Answer: no, Use notepad or excel to make smaller batches. Need a text editor? Here’s a comparison of text editors on wikipedia.

Xenu runs for a while, gets about 50% done, then all URL’s fail. Hit retry it does another 300 then fails again.
Answer: Toggle the switch “fail all URLs of same failed host” in the advanced options dialog. Once one URL fails from that host all URL’s will fail. This solves that problem.

How do I find out where a good URL is being referenced/found by Xenu?
Answer: ALT-ENTER on the URL and it will toggle the location of where Xenu found it..

Only the bad/not found URL’s are showing up on screen. How can I also see the found URL’s?
Answer: CONTROL-B will toggle display of all URL’s.

Do you recommend any other sitemap generator?
Answer: Yes, one made by AuditMyPC.


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