This To That Glue Advice Website – How To Choose A Glue

I gotta tell ya, there have been times when I’ve been standing in my workshop with two objects of two different materials, and cannot for the life of me think of a way to glue them together.

As I’m sure you know, not every kind of glue can glue every kind of thing.

I asked a friend of mine who is really into crafts, and she told me about the website This to That (Glue Advice).

Choose from the drop down menu what “This” you want to attach to “That” then click the “Let’s Glue” button. Within seconds This to That will provide you with a list of glues they recommend.

For example, I chose to attach ceramic to wood. The folks at This to That gave me two results:

LePage’s 5 Minute Epoxy
LePage’s Bull Dog Grip

Click on the result and you’re taken to a page with information on how to use that particular product.

I clicked “LePage’s 5 Minute Epoxy” and was given information on the toxicity of the product, the amount of time it needs to property adhere, as well as links to related resources and to the product’s official website.

I’m so happy I was told about the This to That website; I honestly don’t know how I got this far in life without its help. Christmas crafts are going to be so much easier to do this year!

This to That’s Glue Philosophy:

We are here to help you choose the right glue for your bonding requirements. We are committed to keeping current with the adhesive market, but we don’t claim to know everything about every glue on the market. We recommend the glues that we have found work best for us. We do know one thing for sure: there is no such thing as the All Purpose glue. Every glue has its pros and cons. The secret to a successful bonding challenge is to consider the following glue philosophy: The primary principle of glue is much like any relationship in that the adhesive must fit the adherend. (Kinda Zen, eh?)


Great post and website suggestion.

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