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An email newsletter is a great way for you to stay in contact with your clients in an easy, non-aggressive way. You’ll be the one they remember when it comes time to buy or sell their home.

With RealEstateABC you are able to use your own email program, and have the option to either email the newsletter page directly, or as a plain-text version provided by RealEstateABC.

Immediately after you sign up with RealEstateABC you’ll receive an email telling you where your pages are located; as all pages are on a separate off-site server. You’ll then be able to create navigation to the different sections and choose what you want your clients to see.

RealEstateABC creates the pages in a way that makes your site more useful and “sticky” to visitors. With your membership you’ll receive at least 150 text links and 150 graphic links back to your site.

While RealEstateABC doesn’t guarantee it, some of their members have said that their newsletters have resulted in search engine benefits for their main site. Because the pages are located on a special off-site server, any Google duplicate content issues are circumvented.

With your RealEstateABC membership you can create a header unique to you using rudiments of your site, as well as “surround color” that matches your header. RealEstateABC will even help you create your header if you would like, at no extra cost.

You also have the ability to change and fine-tune the “anchor text” in the footer links.

The RealEstateABC newsletter and content includes 150 pages full of tips on home selling, home buying, mortgages, credit, and even a glossary. Some clients use only the newsletter, where others use only the content.

Clients of RealEstateABC say that the content of their newsletter is greatly valued among their website visitors and that the newsletters create great customer loyalty.

Being a client and member of RealEstateABC will cost you only $149 per year.

“I went back today just for a look and absolutely love the header that you guys have put together for us.  Because of your (our) newsletter, we now rank for key words that we didn’t before.”  – Randy Watson, via

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