LISTINGLIGHTS Real Estate Agent Sign Lights

Imagine if you could provide your sellers with up to 150 extra hours of exposure each month.

Invented by a Real Estate agent, for Real Estate agents, LISTINGLIGHTS are weather and tamper resistant, they fully illuminate both sides of the sign or flyer box, and have a 3 to 5 hour lighting option. A built-in timer and photo sensor will automatically turn your LISTINGLIGHTS on and off each day.

LISTINGLIGHTS would be especially helpful in the rain, during the winter months when the sun goes down early, or on streets that are not well lit.

Combine the use of your LISTINGLIGHTS with LISTINGLOCKS and you’ll have the security of knowing that your sign is being seen 50% more of the time than other signs, and that it’s not being stolen. LISTINGLOCKS is a replacement for the traditional s-hooks and locking tools used to connect your sign to the post.

With patents pending, LISTINGLIGHTS and LISTINGLOCKS are the two hottest and most inventive real estate marketing products available today.

Solar lights on your sign are great, but LISTINGLIGHTS are better. Because there is only a single solar panel, solar lights don’t produce enough energy to illuminate both sides of your sign. With solar lights, sometimes you have to use two to get enough coverage for both sides of the sign; but with LISTINGLIGHTS you’ll have a bright light shining on both sides of the post.

A lot of the solar powered sign lights out there attach to the top of the sign post; when the weather is poor, making visibility difficult, the soft glow from the solar light just doesn’t cut it. LISTINGLIGHTS attach to the top of the sign or metal frame and the only upkeep they require is the changing of their batteries every two month.

LISTINGLIGHTS is “The Sign That Never Sleeps” – it’s like a night light for your real estate sign.

The advantages of using LISTINGLIGHTS are plentiful.

Adding LISTINGLOCKS to your sign:

According to the National Association of Realtors, a sign in the yard contributes to the sale of a home 63% of the time. Signs with LISTINGLIGHTS have the potential to make that number soar!


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