Adsticks Realtor Marketing Tools

Reach thousands of people in Livermore each month with your very own AdDividers & AdSticks.

The company boasts that with AdDividers & AdSticks, “your photo, name and contact information are handled 75,000 times each month by the very individuals you are trying to reach. Someone physically touches your ad each and every day. When an individual decides to list their home-your name is TOP OF MIND.”

For $250 a month, you OWN every checkstand in your supermarket – no other advertisers are allowed.

This is a program that is endorsed and supported by your local Vons, Safeway, Albertsons, and Ralphs locations. The store managers and checkers help us to ensure that your AdDividers & AdSticks are prominently displayed at every checkstand.

For a one time fee of $250, AdDividers & AdSticks also handles all artwork production, printing, assembly and placement of your AdDividers & AdSticks.

After your AdDividers & AdSticks have been designed, a proof is emailed to you for your approval. Once approved, you’ll soon notice them in your store. This is when your credit card will be charged for the production fee and the first month’s lease.

I recently attributed a sold listing to the AdDividers/AdSticks. I received a call from an agent of mine who had left the business fifteen years ago. She was going to sell her own home but wasn’t sure who to use. When passing through the Safeway checkout counter she saw my face and phone number. She called me and in ten days I will be paid for my advertising several times over. – Jim

The next time you’re thinking about how to switch up your advertising, remember to check out AdDividers & AdSticks; it might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Contact info:

Jerry Engel


Hey there.
We were interested in receiving your comments on the Adstick opportunity in selected grocery stores.
Are we correct in assuming that one grocery store costs
$ 250 per month for all the checkouts in that particular grocery store so 1-3 Addsticks is available for each checkout.
Also can you advise what the turn around is for each month as that would have an effect on the visual impact of the actual Adstick.
Your comments most appreciated.
Tom Sawyer
1 905-467-1491 CL

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